Why Government Organizations Need a Trusted and Effective TIG IT Solution

With TIG’s decades of experience in the public sector we have dedicated a team of technical and sales professionals solely for our public sector clients. Our teams have experience with all areas of government: Federal, Municipal, and Crown Corporation.

Infrastructure Improvements

With today’s infrastructure moving toward the cloud, our team will do their best to help improve your current IT processes by minimizing risk, reducing costs and IT complexities. Our team will be with you every step of the way from beginning to end.

Infrastructure Efficiency

The government maintains critical infrastructure across the country. With a dedicated team by your side from start to finish we can create an IT solution that will improve the efficiency of your infrastructures, and allow it to be more flexible and scalable in order to do more with what you have and what we can offer.


TIG understands the Government’s commitment to protect the private information of Canadians. All data and traffic remain in Canadian Tier 3, SOC II certified data centres with 3 centres certified for securing data for the Federal Government.

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