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With TIG’s decades of experience in the public sector we have dedicated a team of technical and sales professionals solely for our public sector clients. Our teams have experience with all areas of government: Federal, Provincial, Municipal, and Crown Corporation.


The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and technology is playing a large role in its development. With upgraded technologies and equipment in the healthcare space, a customized IT solution can help your facility provide a smoother environment for your patients and their caregivers.


The way we educate students and how they learn is fundamentally changing. In order to build an efficient technology filled, and collaborative environment, you need to have an IT solution that fits the needs of the environment you are trying to create. This is where TIG can help you form the perfect solution for your unique needs.


Our comprehensive solution offerings will fit your company’s current structure and its future growth with our team by your side.


TIG offers the right end-to-end technology solutions that will align with all your small business needs.