Equal Opportunity Statement

President’s Message

The employment policies and practices of PC Specialists, Inc. (dba) Technology Integration Group are designed to recruit and to hire employees without discrimination because of race, religion, ancestry, age, gender, color, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran status, or non job-related disabilities and to treat them equally with respect to compensation and opportunities for advancement, including training, social and recreational programs, promotion and transfer.

TIG will exercise leadership within the community and put forth a maximum effort to achieve full employment and utilization of the capabilities and productivity of all our citizens.
As President of Technology Integration Group, I submit this Policy to assure compliance with Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Laws, Executive Order 11246 and any other subsequent orders that may pertain to this program and to Affirmative Action. I reaffirm our continued commitment to a program of equal employment opportunity and merit employment policies as well as to be active in a policy of non-discriminatory hiring.

I further recognize that the effective application of a policy of merit employment involves more than just a policy statement and will therefore, undertake a program of affirmative action to make known that equal employment opportunities are available on the basis of individual merit and to encourage all persons to seek employment with the company and to strive for advancement on this basis.
My personal commitment to this policy is resolute. I expect each and every employee to perform his or her duties and responsibilities in a manner that will demonstrate Technology Integration Group’s firm commitment in this most important area.

Bruce Geier - President and CEO

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