How Does Managed Print Services Work? Optimization.

Optimization is the key factor to keep your organization’s Managed Print Services running both efficiently and effectively company-wide.

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Why Businesses Need TIG IT Solutions

Our Services

Workflow Solutions

Optimize print workflow to make everyone in your office more productive.

Print Security Audits

Ensure printers and print networks are secured and hardened, protecting systems and data.

Fleet Management

Use one vendor to manage every print device, simplifying billing and contract timelines.

Print Operations Assessments

Review how each device is used to ensure you have the right print systems and features for your needs.

Advantages of TIG Managed Print Services


It is not uncommon for new devices to be brought into service with old devices. Standardization creates a simpler and more user-friendly work environment.


Reducing the number of personal desktop printers will reduce the number of device types your company has to manage. Consolidated pint volume can realize significant cost savings in toner, parts and maintenance costs.


Appropriate sized workgroup printers and multifunction systems throughout your organization will increase efficiency.

How Your Organization Will Benefit From TIG Managed Print Services

Reduced Costs

Our Managed Print Service solutions give you the power to reduce your laser printing costs. Our team will provide all supplies and services needed for your printer fleet.

Dedicated Services

The TIG MPS team will be dedicated to your organization's printer fleet, ready for IT support and training, ensuring your organization's managed print is running to full effect.

System Efficiency

The TIG MPS team will receive proactive printer failure notices, and obtain detailed reports on all devices and users establishing reduced downtime for your network devices.

Why TIG is the Smarter Choice

Total Print Infrastructure - We address your entire print infrastructure, simplifying management and invoicing.

National Full Service- We can provide service across Canada, and into the United States as required.

Broad Based Solutions- We offer a wide range of solutions from multiple hardware and software providers.

Proactive Supply Status- We proactively monitor supplies for you and automatically order and deliver them for you.

Asset Monitoring & Management- We monitor all assets and can proactively order replacement parts for hw issues.

Custom Integrations- We can integrate the software monitoring of your print infrastructure to provide an operational view in the monitoring tool of your choosing.

Add a Print Security Report as a lead capture tool.

More about TIG

“Standardization eliminates the need for users to learn how to operate multiple hardware types and instead can optimize productivity on everyday-to-day tasks - not waste resources and time wondering how to print documents.”

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